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Version 3.0.303.0k - February, 2015
This build contains the following changes and fixes:

VS Integration:

  • Correction in Installer so VS2013-Only installation is working correctly
  • Correction in VS2013 integration : Build path no more contains Platform name
  • Correction on CodeDom : wsdl is now able to generate correct code
  • Added a T4-Template Item Template
  • Added WPF User Control Item Template


  • Workaround for TypeLoadException in extension method detection
  • Fixed crash related to generic argument resolution (bug #1213)
  • Fixed assignment when re-indexing flat subscripts of nested arrays
  • Allow indexing of nested arrays with flat subsripts, e.g. a[1,1] or a[1][1] (fix for bug #251)
  • Fixed crash with wrong method ref usage (bug #1210)
  • Fixed nullable EQ/NEQ comparisons


  • Updated Vulcan.NET language plugin for Redgate's Reflector 8


  • Fixed incorrect string in CEmail class.
Version 3.0.303.0j - December, 2014
VS Integration:
  • DEFAULT is now recognized as keyword
  • Check for doubly defined references in Vs2012/2013
  • Added a new DataSet Template
  • Correction when adding an ActiveX: It was only adding one reference instead of the two needed interface
  • Now force reparse afte a change in .Designer.prg change, so Intellisense is now updated
  • Resolve generics so instead of /, IntelliSense knows the real type
  • Handling special chars in Designer.Prg file; for eg when having some accents on vars
  • Intellisense now correctly support inherited types that are defined in the same file as the base type
  • Full support for the ObjectBrowser: the type repository. It does support types from Partial files, and items with no NameSpace are now attached to the default NameSpace
  • Support SELF keyword in parameter list to support Extension Methods in Visual Studio editor
  • Formatting now support attributes on top of Methods
  • Introduce the collapse to Definitions feature in Editor
  • Support for T4 Templates
Version 3.0.303.0 - August, 2014


  • Nullable support (related to bug #1074)
  • Compatibility with referenced assemblies that were built against CLR v1
  • Fixed generic extension method resolution
  • Enabled indexing of nested arrays with flat subscripts (bug #251)
  • Fixed property resolution of generic types with locally declared generic arguments
  • Fixed detection of illegal method usage as property (bug #1210)

RunTime Functions:

  • Fixed several issues with USUALs when holding Int64 values (bug #1208)
  • Fixed a problem with Transform() function, when the /vo11 compiler option is enabled (bug #1206)
  • Fixed a problem with EmptyUsual() throwing an exception with certain values (bug #1209)

VS Integration:

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2013
  • Fixed an issue than was causing a slowdown in solution with a great number of projects and cross-references
  • Fixed Snippets access from Code Editor
  • Fixed parameters Tooltip in Intellisense, it follows the current position based on comma position
  • Fixed Identifier case synchronization. You can now disable it Tools/Options/Text Editor/Vulcan.NET/IntelliSense
  • Editor support Smart indentation. You MUST activate it in Tools/Options/Text Editor/Vulcan.NET/Tabs/Indenting
  • Added support for Snippets in Intellisense list, You can disable it in Tools/Options/Text Editor/Vulcan.NET/Intellisense
  • Moved Code Format into standard Code Editor, runnable through Edit/Advanced menu
  • Moved Code Format settings into standard Settings, Tools/Options/Vulcan.NET/Formatting Page


Version 3.0.302.0 - January, 2014
This build contains the following changes and fixes:


  • Added support for Extension methods, and support in CLR2
  • Added support for subscribing to/ unsubscribing from events with implicitly instantiated delegates (new delegate syntax)
  • Fixed enum member attribute target

VS Integration:

  • Intellisense support for CoClass when using COM Object
  • Intellisense now support types from VULCAN.NET Project reference
  • Intellisense now basically support types from CS/VB Project reference
  • Intellisense now recognize PROPERTY were GET/SET don't have the same visibility
  • Fixed some issues with the separate designer.prg file
  • Now WinForm Designer support user-designed controls
  • WinForm designer support for Events in inherited controls
  • Formatting Code available through Edit/Advanced/Format Document or Format Selection
  • Support of Edit/Outlining/Collapse to Definitions Menu item


  • Modified TextControl:ControlFont code in order to take account of the name change Font to ControlFont.
  • Fix for bug #1165, updated Color class constructor so that it allows to pass in the color as a single value, as in VO
  • Modified WinFormVOWindowHost:ProcessDialogKey() so that it better handles the TAB key.
  • Updated Control:LinkDF(oDS, siDF) method so that it also handles the field param(siDF) passed as SYMBOL.
  • Fix for bug #1166, now TreeView:SortChildren() uses a delegate instead of a function pointer for the sorting callback method.

RunTime Functions:

  • Fix for bug #1167, File() function was throwing an exception, instead of returning FALSE for erroneous paths
  • Fix for bug #1172, Proper() was only checking for whitespace as word separators.


  • Vulcan.NET language Add-In for RedGate's .NET Reflector available in Tools Folder.
  • Vulcan.NET Productivity pack for Visual Studio is installed per default.

Help System:

  • Fix for Help System producing js errors with method having one USUAL parameter.
Version 3.0.301.0 - August, 2013
This build contains the following changes and fixes:

VS Integration:

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2012!
  • Improved speed of project loading
  • Fixed some issues with the separate designer.prg file
  • Now designer.prg files get automatically added to SCC/TFS [4183]
  • Added intellisense support for local vars declared in TRY/CATCH blocks
  • Fixed an intellinsense problem with visibility modifiers in PROPERTY GET/SET blocks
  • Fixed a problem with opening project with non-existent COM references [1141,1155]
  • Support of Source/Selection formatting is now included in standard Vulcan.NET Visual studio integration


  • Added support for nested types
  • Introduced OUT method parameters (in addition to REF parameters)
  • It is now possible to use REF keyword in the calling code to denote passing a parameter by reference
  • Introduced the NEW modifier keyword
  • Introduced warning #3411 (disabled by default), when a method in a child class hides an inherited method
  • Modifier keywords (PUBLIC, VIRTUAL, PARTIAL etc) can now be entered in any order
  • Fixed handling of CoClassAttribute in COM interfaces

Macro Compiler:

  • Fixed an InvalidProgramException with codeblocks like {|a| b := 1 , a := 2 }
  • Fixed a problem with macrocompiler error list not being reset after each macro compiler invokation
  • Fixed a macro compiler problem with dynamic assemblies
Version - December, 2012
This build contains the following changes and fixes:


  • Fixed a compiler and macro compiler issue with literal argument conversions
  • Changed compiler/macro compiler parser so that it accepts dotted keywords (.T., .AND. etc) immediately before/after literal numbers (without space in between)
  • Fixed a few issues with enum to INT conversions

VS Integration:

  • Fixed a WinForms designer problem with events when using separate Designer.prg file
  • Fixed an editor problem when keyword case synch is disabled
  • Fixed a VO-compatible Window Editor problem with code generation for certain fonts
Version - October, 2012
This build contains the following changes and fixes:


  • Implemented VO-compatible rounding on conversion from floating point numbers to integer types, when using the /vo11 compiler option [374,993]
  • Introduced /vo14 compiler option, which handles if floating point literals should be handled as FLOAT or System.Double [Feature 56]
  • Introduced "d" (System.Double) and "s" (System.Single) literal number suffixes, eg 123.456d
  • Implemented constructor chaining, with the use of SELF() syntax [Feature 11]
  • Fixed several issues with default values in method parameter [234,746]
  • Fixed a problem resolving GLOBAL CONST expressions [312]
  • Fixed a problem assigning predefined identifiers to CONST fields [642]
  • Fixed a problem with attributes in method parameter [1133]
  • Fixed a FOREACH problem with enumerators not implementing IDisposable [1132]

VS Integration:

  • Added support in the Form Designer for generating code in separate Designer.prg file
  • Added context menu option in the Solution Explorer on right-click on a Form without a Designer.prg file to create one
  • Added Windows Form template with seperate Designer.prg file
  • Added option to enable or disable space bar commiting completion list (Options|Text Editor|IntelliSense|Selection in Completion List)
  • Improved background intellisense parser so in most cases it can continue parsing, even after intercepting invalid or incomplete code
  • Added project support for the new compiler option /vo14 (FLOAT Decimal Literals)
  • Fixed a problem with adding new WPF forms in WPF projects
  • Added support for Globals extension in Project File
  • Made some cosmetic improvements to the Object Browser
  • Fixed a problem in the VOWED with displaying controls in Test Mode
  • Fixed a problem in the VOMED in some cases assigning very large menu item IDs


  • Implemented VO-compatible conversions also for runtime types (FLOAT & USUAL) [374,993]
  • Introduced SetImplicitString2SymbolUppercase() function, causing implicit string to symbol conversions to result to upper-cased symbol (disabled by default)
  • Fixed PadR(), PadL() and PadC() incorrect results with FLOAT param [1124]
  • Fixed EmptyUsual() incorrect results with OBJECT param [896]
  • Fixed Unformat() incorrect results with "@Y" picture clause [1128]
  • Fixed several Transform() issues with LOGIC values [1127]
  • Fixed a memory corruption problem with StretchBitmap() - thanks Meinhard! [877]


  • Fixed a problem with Zap() and .fpt files [1136]
  • Fixed a runtime exception with .fpt files [1130]


  • Added missing Edit:SelectAll() and Edit:SelectNone() methods in VOGUI classes [1134]
  • Added file ChangeList.txt inside the VOSDK zip file, describing changes made to the VOSDK source in each Vulcan.NET build release
Vulcan Productivity Extension:

  • Token Hightlighting : When selecting a work/token/Method... the same "text" is highlighted in the current member
  • Move Members : Allow to extract mermbers ( Property/Method/Fields) from the current file to a new file, setting the class as Partial and adding the #using of the original


Vulcan.NET Version - June, 2012
This build contains the following changes and fixes:


  • Compiler now reports an error on overriding a CLIPPER method in a base class with a STRICT method in a child class, or vice versa [628],[837]
  • Fixed compiler crash on RECOVER USING with a scoped local [1096]
  • Fixed compiler crash with declaring nested namespaces [1102]
  • Fixed compiler crash with exported locals in codeblocks [1054]
  • Fixed compiler crash using an attribute defined in the same assembly [1108]
  • Fixed several issues with applying attributes to types/members [722],[934]
  • Fixed a problem with ignoring attributes on ENUMs and DELEGATEs [641]
  • Fixed a problem accessing protected properties of subclassed generic types
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect argument checking on methods with default parameters [655],[1116]
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect checking of constants used as default parameter values
  • Fixed a couple problems implementing an interface that's partialy implemented already in a parent type [899],[1112]
  • Fixed incorrect initialization of scoped locals [1113]
  • Removed special chars from STATIC LOCAL helper class, in order to allow adding them as Watch vars while debugging

VS Integration:

  • Added support for Vulcan.NET classes in the Object Browser
  • Now intellisense displays list of available variables [F78]
  • Added parser support for the syntax: PROPERTY [name] AS [type] GET [expr] SET [expr]
  • Fixed a problem with QuickInfo tooltip on Static members
  • Added intellisense support for the DEFAULT TO and several SET commands
  • Fixed some issues with building completion list
  • Fixed a problem loading project with ShowAllFiles option enabled [1095]
  • Fixed incorrect code generation with UInt64 property in a control [1094]
  • Fixed a code completion problem when typing "." after "System" [1103]
  • Moved handling of keyword completion from the Productivity Extension to the VS Vulcan.NET language integration


  • Fixed Transform() incorrect results with '*' and '$" characters in template [1092]
  • Fixed SoundEx() runtime exception with empty string argument [1109]
  • Fixed a problem with symbol to string conversions resulting to upper-cased strings [1047]
  • Fixed a problem with CToD() not handling year part correctly [1115]
  • Fixed a problem with Eval() with usual/object argument not properly calling object's Eval() method [1117]
  • Fixed a VO compatibility problem when comparing NIL with empty string [1118]
  • Fixed a VO compatibility problem with float format of EmptyUsual(FLOAT) [1121]
  • Changed Error:Throw() method calling convention to CLIPPER, in order to match method overrides in the VOSDK classes

  • Moved definition of ACCESS HLStatus from DBServer class to DataServer
Vulcan Productivity Extension:

  • FormatCode is now using Tabs if needed
  • XMLComment is correctly inserting indented comments
  • Update XMLComment - No more with Class/Properties and Void Methods
  • Change Context Menu Text : Now Showing Vulcan.NET


Vulcan.NET Version - March 2012

This build contains the following changes and fixes:


  • Implemented the FOREACH statement
  • Implemented additional FOR LOCAL version of the FOR statement
  • Implemented implicit type assignment for LOCAL vars with the LOCAL IMPLIED statement
  • Implemented BEGIN SCOPE...END SCOPE block statement, which defines a local scope inside method code
  • Scope of local variables is now enforced by the compiler [Feature 17]
  • Added syntax for specifying visibility modifiers to GET or SET statement of AUTO properties
  • Fixed a problem declaring STATIC AUTO properties [1073]

VS Integration:

  • Added option to auto correct existing duplicate references in projects on opening a solution
  • Fixed a problem with uneccessarily generating code multiple times in certain VS subsystems
  • Fixed a problem with same subsystems adding duplicate references to project
  • Intellisense member completion now supports generic types [1072]
  • Fixed an editor freezing problem when parsing syntactically incorrect code
  • Fixed the native recource and many other templates that were using UTF8 files [867]
  • Fixed a problem when creating a new VO-style Dialog Window [1075]
  • Fixed a problem when reading Font properties in the VO Window Editor [1084]
  • Fixed a VOWED crash when painting text controls with certain properties missing from cavowed.inf [1090]
  • Fixed a code generation problem with accelerators in the VO Menu Editor [1078]
  • Fixed a problem with the VO DBServer Editor generating invalid fieldspecs during a VS auto-recovery save [1085]


  • Fixed a PInvokeStackImbalance Debug Exception when reading from dbf files [1077]
  • Fixed a problem with DBPack() and DBZap() [1083]
  • Fixed a problem creating dbf files with filename that starts with certain symbols like "~" [1091]
  • Fixed some thread safety issues with string runtime functions [1079]
  • Fixed several issues with Trnasform() function with float param [1087]
  • Fixed a runtime exception when assigning NIL to a non-USUAL var [1076]

  • Added missing overload of GetVersionEx() function in the WinAPI SDK library
Macro compiler:

  • Fixed a problem with outputing error messages when macro-compiling code containing assignments [1055]
Vulcan Productivity Extension:

  • New tool that allow to automatically implement Interfaces that appears after the IMPLEMENT keyword
  • Correction in XML Comment addition : Now leave a space between /// and marker
  • Correction in Formatting code so it works when Settings has not been saved
  • Experimental entity browser : still a Work In Progress, accessible via View/Other Windows/Vulcan Explorer


Vulcan.NET Version - December 2011

This version contains the following updates [issue number in brackets]:

    * Added support for PROPERTY...END PROPERTY syntax 
    * Added support for auto-implemented, indexed properties and indexers 
    * Fixed several issues with generics [1062,1066] 
    * Fixed some issues with using STATIC EVENTs

VS Integration:
    * Added background parser and codedom support for the new PROPERTY syntax 
    * Fixed a problem with saving Project Properties in .settings files [912] 
    * An error message is being shown now, when a project contains multiple references to the same assembly 
    * Fixed an intellisense problem with showing ENUM members [1052] 
    * Type completion now always includes types of the System namespace 
    * Type completion now shows suitable list depending on the keyword (AS/REF/INHERIT/IMPLEMENTS) that invoked it 
    * Member completion after SELF: and SUPER: does not show inherited PRIVATE members 
    * Fixed a problem with adding a parenthesis after selecting an Assign from the completion list 
    * Fixed a problem in the code generator when generating an Interface 
    * Keyword case synchronization now supports Capitalize 
    * Fixed a problem with the VOWED that was not properly reading the value of "Tab key" property [1065]

    * Fixed an RDD problem with not reading recently modified data, due to file caching [1064] 
    * Fixed a problem with Val() truncating FLOAT visible decimal digits to 2 decimal numbers [1051] 
    * Fixed a FormatException in Val() function [1053] 
    * Fixed incorrect resut of FLOAT comparisons under specific SetFloatDelta() settings [1056]


    * Fixed a problem creating AssemblyInfo.prg file in UTF8 format [1009]

Vulcan.NET Version - September 2011

This version contains the following updates [issue number in brackets]:

    * Added support for defining EVENTs in Vulcan.NET classes

VS Integration:
    * Implemented Vulcan.NET keyword case synchronization! Please open VS Options Window, Text Editor -> Vulcan.NET -> IntelliSense page for Case Synchronization options
    * Now a list with available types is shown when pressing [space] after keyword "AS"
    * Fixed a problem with cursor positioning after double-clicking on an event in the property window [278]
    * Fixed several issues with Goto Definition [870]
    * Implemented member list support for ENUMs [928]
    * Fixed various intellisense issues with nested namespaces [926]
    * Added intellisense support for FUNCTIONs and PROCEDUREs [1012]
    * Fixed a VS crash when typing := for the first time [933]
    * Disabled showing member completion for USUAL, PTR and PSZ vars [744,1015]
    * Member completion list is now shown when typing ":" also after a method call
    * Fixed a problem with displaying static members of classes in CLR4 projects [944]
    * Fixed a problem with not displaying member completion and tooltip on 1-char long vars
    * Added support for parameter tooltip on functions and procedures after typing "("
    * Fixed a problem with incorrectly displaying static member completion on non-existant types [859]
    * Added support for THROW without arguments and nested generic classes to the VS language parser [1046]

    * Fixed a problem in CreateIndex() with OrderCondition on date fields [1039]
    * Fixed a problem with SwapWord(), SwapQWord() and SwapLong() functions [1042]

Vulcan.NET Version - July, 2011

This version contains the following updates [issue number in brackets]:

* Added support for calling instance generic methods [1032]
* Fixed a problem with using System.Array.Resize() generic method and similar [1033]
* Fixed a compiler crash with using generics in CLR2 projects [1034]
* Fixed a compiler crash when implementing a generic interface [1035]
* Fixed several problems using attributes with various parameters [291,293]
* Fixed a problem with instantiating a delegate with UIntPtr 2nd param in its constructor [682]
* Fixed a problem with delegates being emitted as public, even if the INTERNAL keyword was used [1021]
* Fixed a problem with recognising default properties in interfaces [948]
* Now THROW can be used without arguments in order to rethrow exception caught in CATCH block, retaining the callstack [1021]

* Fixed several issues related to reading from and writing to OEM dbf files [815,872]
* Fixed a problem with CreateOrder() and SetOrderCondition() [1022]

* Introduced /vo13 compiler option, which enforces VO-compatible behavior on comparing strings [39,994]
* Fixed a problem with using members of internal classes when late binding optimizations are enabled [1031]
* Fixed a problem with AsString(), NTrim() etc not displaying the minus sign for very large(small) negative numbers [1022]
* Fixed a runtime exception with IVarPutInfo() when passed a NULL_OBJECT as a first parameter [1028]
* Fixed incorrect result of comparing a string to NULL_STRING with the "=" operator [1020]

VO Classes:
* Fixed a problem with Control:DisableTheme() not correctly disabling the control's theme [1030]
* Fixed a problem with selecting text in databound edit controls [1037]
* Fixed a problem with typing international chars in edit controls when using SetAnsi(FALSE) [1038]

* Added documentation for functions in VulcanRTFuncs namespace
* Added documentation for THROW without arguments
* Added details about /vo13 compiler switch

Vulcan.NET Version - May, 2011
This version contains the following updates [issue number in brackets]:

* It is now possible to instantiate generics with generic type arguments defined in the same assembly [309]
* Added support for calling methods with generic arguments [827]
* Fixed a problem using nested types within generic types [204,921]
* It is now possible to use CLR2 libraries in CLR4 Vulcan projects [914]
* Now using _CAST to convert value from one numeric type to another never results to OverflowException [984]
* Fixed problem with passing REF value to overloaded method [952]
* Fixed incorrect increment of PTR value [968]
* Fixed a compiler crash with invalid syntax [967]

* Fixed exception in AsHexString() with large values [1001]
* Fixed exception in ClassName() with NULL value [1002]
* Fixed exception in SetNatDll which now also allows "VO28NAT" as param, to restore default behavior [1003]
* Fixed incorrect use of lAnsi param in FRead4() and FWrite4() functions [1005]
* Fixed incorrect results of VODBRelation() and VODBRSelect() [1008]

VO Classes:
* Fixed a problem with loading ComCtl32.dll in the GUI classes [997]
* Fixed a runtime exception with FormatMessage() function [998]
* Fixed a memory leak in ResourceId:Address() [985]
* Fixed inconsistent capitalisation of Resize() method in the GUI classes [989]
* Commented out #defines ON and OFF in VOGUIClasses.vh that were conflicting with several UDCs [987]

VS Integration:
* Fixed numerous visual issues in the VOWED (text alignment, special styles, test mode etc) [996]
* Fixed a problem with modifying properties for multiple controls in the VOWED [995]
* Added support for the LoadResString internationalization syntax to all VO-Compatible editors [986]

* The Vulcan.NET help file now contains full documentation on the VOSDK classes
* Added information on the indexed property operator "[]" and on ACCESS/ASSIGN topics
Vulcan.NET Version - March, 2011
This version contains the following updates [issue number in brackets]:

* Improved performance of DBFCDX and DBFNTX drivers by 5% - 20%
* DBCreateOrder() runtime error with DBSetOrderCondition() set [954]
* DBFNTX Assertion Failed with DBGoTop() [961]
* DBFNTX Assertion failed when multiple users write to dbf file [978]
* DBFNTX index corruption when writing to indexed field [979]
* DBFCDX corruption when multiple users write to index field of same record [973]
* DBFCDX IOException when multiple users write to index fields [974]
* DBFCDX Fixed incompatibility with VO in indexes on DATE fields

VS Integration:
* Fixed a problem with the VS2010 WPF control library template
* It is now possible to copy/paste controls from one window to another in the VO compatible WED [982]

* SubStr() was throwing an exception with NIL second (nStart) param [962]
* A problem with __Str() function [966]
* Implemented missing OOPTree() and OOPTreeClass() runtime functions. [970]
* Fixed a runtime exeption on late bound assigning INT value to FLOAT iVar [975]
* Fixed some VO incompatibilities in CToD() function [869]
* Fixed a runtime error passing more arguments than params in late bound method calls [976]
* Fixed InvalidCastException when accessing a VOSTRUCT late bound [972,852]
* Fixed VO incompatibility in VODBOrderInfo(DBOI_KEYTYPE) [977]

VO Classes:
* Fixed an InvalidCastExecption in DataWindow:Delete() [963]
* Fixed an AccessViolationException in cFtp class [945]
* DBFileSpec:Create() was always returning FALSE for dbfs that include a memo field [964]
* ExposeEvent:ExposedArea was throwing an exception [971]
* Fixed a bug in SmtpTransparency() function of InternetClasses
* Introduced UseColonInAutoLayoutCaptions() VOGUI function that controls adding colons to captions during auto layout. [Feature 73]
Vulcan.NET Version - January, 2011
This version contains the following updates [issue number in brackets]:
* A problem in the MLine() function [939]
* A script error on the first page in the CHM help file [946]
* An installation problem when installing the Help Viewer documentation [947]
* A problem with DbGoBottom() for numeric DBFCDX indexes [951]
* File() exception when PATH variable contains double quotes [960]
* StrTran() OutOfRangeException with specific parameters [959]
* DBServer Editor was not generating additional entities included in cavoded.tpl [958]
* Added some additional columns in the FieldSpec Editor listview
Vulcan.NET 2.0 Announcement

Vulcan.NET _IS_ The future of Visual Objects !

Vulcan.NET 2.0 has been designed to work with Visual Studio 2010 and 2008. It can build applications targeting Framework 4.0, the latest major update to the .NET platform, whilst still giving the option to use Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5.

Vulcan.NET 2.0  features are:

- Improved Compiler Speed
- Support for Visual Studio 2010 & 2008
- Improved Project Support
- Improved VS Integration

- Improved Intellisense
    - List Members     (typing Dot or Colon shows list of members)
   - Parameter Info   (After '(' or '{' the various overloads and their parameters are shown)
   - Quick Info       (Hovering over a identifier brings up info)
   - Complete Word    (For keyword completion)
   - Code Snippets    (Both 'stand alone' and 'Surround with')
   - Task List support  (//Todo comment, // Hack comment etc. Configurable)
   - Syntax Checking  (errors are shown in error list and with red squiggly lines in the editor)
   - Navigation Bar   (Types and members)
   - Color Syntax Highlighting
   - Brace matching
   - GoTo Definition

- Improved Visual Objects Editors for backward compatibility

- Support for IntelliTrace VS2010 Ultimate only

- Support for Enhanced debugging
   - breakpoint labels
   - pinned data tips
   - comments on data tips
   - display values from data tips from the last debugging session in our editor
   - export and import data tips

- Support for Multi Targeting (comes with assemblies for Framework 2.0 and Framework 4.0).
- The source code for the VO Compatible classes is provided

- Shell version of VS2010 will be available to Vulcan.NET 2.0 customers.
   -No  support for:
   - IntelliTrace
   - Multi Targeting

- The macro compiler can be replaced

- Vulcan.NET XML Documentation comments (tipple slash)

Purchase Vulcan.NET 1.0 (Build 161) for VS2008 Today, and receive Vulcan.NET 2.0 when available. (Shipping in the next 60 days)  Upgrade pricing from 1.0 to 2.0 to be posted soon.

Link here to GoVulcan.NET (Purchase)

By purchasing Vulcan.NET 2.0 you also get one year of updates, and one year of support on our private Vulcan.NET support forums (VOPS)

You may also obtain Vulcan.NET with a current VOPS subscription, which provides 1 year of updates for Vulcan.NET, plus 1 year of support for both VO and Vulcan.NET via our private forums.

Link to VOPS

60 Day Trial Versions of Vulcan.NET 1.0 and VO 2.8 are available at:
Link to trial versions.

Other Vulcan.NET 2.0 links of interest:

Vulcan.NET Getting Started Guide.

Scott Guthrie Blog re: VS 2010 Debugger Improvements (BreakPoints, DataTips, Import/Export)

Microsoft Link App Gallery

VulcanDownloads Link  (Community driven source code contribution site for Vulcan.NET Programmers.

Microsoft's Channel 9  (IntelliTrace for Vulcan.NET & Visual Studio 2010

or Direct Link from GoVulcan.NET

DevShare UK (May 2o-22 2010)

Vulcan.NET Training CD's

Vulcan.NET Plug-in for Reflector Fabrice Foray

Outlook_Bar for Vulcan.NET

VulcanMindMeld  FaceLift Pro for Vulcan.NET. (Convert your VO Win32 Windows to WinForm or WPF)

Browser for Vulcan.NET

VO 2 ADO for Vulcan.NET

Advance Database Systems (ADS) Vulcan.NET RDD

Report Pro and ClassMate

Vulcan IDE by Chris Pyrgas
An IDE written in Vulcan.NET... Now reaching 110,000 lines of Vulcan.NET code.

Vulcan.NET Video's  (How to's)

The time to get on board with Vulcan.NET is now !  Vulcan.NET IS the most cost efficient method of moving your Visual Objects Applications to .NET. to create new projects, why not use a language you already know ? Vulcan.NET can be used with all Microsoft.NET languages (in the very same solution).

What are you waiting for?  Give Vulcan.NET a few days of your time, and with a free trial version you will see for yourself:

Vulcan.NET is the future of Visual Objects programming.


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